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Client Testimonials

Laurie A. Schlichter did a wonderful job breaking down the patent we bought. My partner and I weren’t clear on exactly how to follow for manufacturing our brand. It was also done in a timely manner. She explained in words we could understand. We our thankful we found Laurie! I would definitely give a 5 star rating.

-Client in The Woodlands, TX


I acknowledge that Ms. Laurie Schlichter is an adept patent attorney, is one of the most distinguished, and in a class of her own. I testify from a work experience with her as I assigned her as my representative before the USPTO that she is well versed in law-based services. Moreover, I recognized the mainstays of her working principles as dedication, commitment and perfection. I am so grateful for what she did for me.

– Client in Al Mansourah, Dakahleia, Egypt


It all started when I was looking for a patent attorney. I had very little money, but I had a very good life saving product. Then I started to search for an attorney. I found Laurie a thousand miles away. After talking with her for a complimentary 15-minute phone conversation, I believed in her and hired her. Now I am on my way to a patent. She has 3 things that make a great attorney. 1) One cannot know every technology, but her mind is sharp, she researches and finds the best points. 2) She is a perfectionist, and competent. 3) I think it’s the most important out of all, she is caring and honest. I believe in Laurie, you should too.

– Client in New York, NY


I’d like to thank Laurie Schlichter for her patience, professionalism and guidance throughout my CIP application process.  Laurie took the time to thoroughly understand a highly technical process and was able to distill the complex process to the key components requiring patent protection.  Laurie patiently reviewed and suggested improvements to the diagrams documenting each step of the process and then was able to translate each diagram into precise claims for my CIP application.  Laurie’s talents and tenacity paid off.  The CIP application prepared by Laurie significantly improved upon the previous application drafted by another patent attorney.  I highly recommend Laurie Schlichter and look forward to working with Laurie again in the future.

– Client in Houston, TX


I have known Laurie for several years, back to when she was starting her own solo practice IP law firm. She is very knowledgeable about patents and intellectual property in general, and receptive to new ideas and suggestions. She promptly responds to questions. I have no hesitation recommending Laurie!

– Attorney in Austin, TX