Patent Protection Starts Here

Fifteen Years Of Experience Helping Inventors

You devoted a significant amount of time and resources to the development of your invention. Therefore, you should not leave the product of your creativity and innovation unprotected. My law firm, Laurie A. Schlichter, PLLC, will advocate for the patent protection you deserve. With 15 years of experience, I know how to successfully argue for the grant of a patent. Because of my assistance, inventors worldwide are enjoying the benefits of patent protection for their inventions.

Assistance Throughout The Patenting Process

The process of obtaining a patent involves many complex steps. Because each step is important, you cannot afford to overlook any of the steps. From the first step to the last, I guide my clients through the intricacies of the process. Two steps are especially important:

  • Patent application preparation – I have 15 years of experience preparing patent applications. I thoroughly understand the ins and outs of the process. Take advantage of my experience and knowledge by allowing me to prepare a patent application for you. I will prepare a quality application that thoroughly describes your invention in the manner required by U.S. patent law.
  • Patent acquisition – After I have prepared your patent application, I submit it to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for review by a patent examiner. Patent acquisition is the process of persuading the patent examiner that a patent should issue for your invention. While the examiner may argue that your invention is not patent-worthy, I emphasize the patentable aspects of your invention and argue that a patent should be granted. I have proven on dozens of occasions that I can successfully overcome an examiner’s arguments and obtain patent protection for my clients. You can be my next success story.

Sound Legal Advice And Services

You are an inventor seeking a patent for your invention. I understand that patent law may not be your area of expertise, and therefore you need to rely on my legal advice. I will always provide advice that has a solid foundation in patent law. Furthermore, I will use language you can understand, not legalese. My goal is to elucidate patent law, not obscure it.

The services I provide comply with the many rules and regulations of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. At each step in the patenting process, I take the time to explain the relevant rules and regulations. You will always know the basis for the services I provide. You deserve to be kept informed – it is your invention and you are paying me to guide you through the patenting process. To learn more about the services I provide, schedule a free initial consultation by calling my Houston office at 713-766-6034 or by sending me an email.