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A Patent Attorney With Real-World Experience

I have successfully represented inventors for 15 years. The focus of my practice is U.S. patent law with an emphasis on preparing patents and acquiring patents. Before becoming an attorney, I worked as a chemical engineer in petrochemical manufacturing facilities. My experience allows me to have a substantial understanding of the technical aspects of your invention better. Read more about my credentials at this link: Laurie A. Schlichter.

My Mission As Your Patent Attorney

I help inventors secure patent protection for their inventions by adhering to these core values:

  • Quality: I dedicate my practice to providing high-quality legal services. I put my writing skills to use when preparing patent applications or acquiring patents. Fellow attorneys have praised my writing style as logical and well-organized. I strive to draft documents for you of superior quality.
  • Cost: My goal is to provide cost-effective legal services. My work style enables me to address your needs in a minimal amount of time. I combine my efficiency with a reasonable hourly rate to achieve cost savings for you. My law firm is a virtual firm, which keeps overhead to a minimum. As a result, you benefit from additional cost savings.
  • Commitment: I devote my time to providing client-oriented legal services. I form a purpose-driven partnership with each of my clients. Your goals become my goals. I am invested in your success. You want to obtain patent protection for your invention, and so do I.
  • Communication: I make communicating with my clients a top priority. I will communicate with you on a regular basis to ensure you know what I am doing and why I am doing it. I am receptive to questions and provide thorough and timely answers. You deserve to know what steps I am taking to secure patent protection for your invention.
  • Versatility: I maintain a versatile practice by preparing patent applications in a number of technical fields. I try to take a commonsense approach. My technical aptitude enables me to understand the complexities of your invention. Furthermore, I work with you to determine the type of patent protection that best meets your objectives. I can prepare a U.S. provisional application if your invention is in a crowded field and you need the earliest possible U.S. filing date. I can prepare a U.S. nonprovisional application or a U.S. design application depending upon the unique qualities of your invention. I can also prepare an international application if you seek patent protection in other countries.

The First To File Has The Advantage. Get Started Today.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about patent protection for your invention. Do not hesitate to contact me. A delay in filing your patent application could jeopardize the procurement of your patent rights.

To schedule a free initial consultation, call the Houston office of Laurie A. Schlichter, PLLC, at 713-766-6034 or send me an email.